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Đề Thi Olympic Tiếng Anh Năm Học 2013-2014 Lớp 5 Vòng 1

1. Jeremy, Brenda, Wendell, and Gail ran for class president. The graph above shows the number of votes each student received. How many students voted in the election for class president altogether?

A. 29 B. 30 C. 31 D. 32

2. Carmen made the inequalities above to represent the price of one chocolate truffle (n). Which of the following could be the price of the truffle?

A. $0.32 B. $0.34 C. $0.38 D. $0.42

3. Melissa is looking at the poster above to learn the areas of each of the seven continents. Asia is about 3 times bigger than which continent?

A. South America B. Antarctic C. North America D. Europe

4. The track team warms up for practice by jogging through the neighborhood near the school. The coach made the coordinate grid above to show a map of the neighborhood. The team runs from the school along a path that forms a rectangle. Three of the corners of the rectangle are shown on the grid. What are the coordinates of the fourth corner of the rectangle?

A. (2, 5) B. (3, 5) C. (5, 3) D. (5, 4)

5. Karen has square tiles with the design shown above in her kitchen. The picture shows the size of an individual tile. What is the area of each tile in square inches?

A. 8 square inches B. 11 square inches C. 9 square inches D. 10 square inches

6. Mrs. Nelson took a survey of the kinds of sandwiches her students brought for lunch. She created the table above to display her data. What percent of her students brought peanut butter sandwiches?

A. 10 % B. 20 % C. 30 % D. 40 %

7. Timothy is making a paper mobile to display in his bedroom. He draws and cuts out a square with sides that are 4.5 inches long. Next, he draws a regular hexagon with the same perimeter as the square. How long is each side of the regular hexagon?

A. 3 inches B. 6 inches C. 18 inches D. 27 inches

8. Four baby manatees were measured by volunteers at a Florida aquarium. The chart shows the name of each volunteer and the length of the manatee each volunteer measured. Which volunteer measured the longest manatee?

A. Bobby B. Emma C. Maria D. Simon

9. An adult takes about 180 breaths in 15 minutes. A baby takes about 300 breaths in 15 minutes. How many more breaths does a baby take in one hour than an adult takes?

A. 120 B. 480 C. 1,020 D. 1,200

10. For his history project, Matthew made the chart above to show the years some of his favorite toys were invented. Which of the toys was invented first?

A. jigsaw puzzle B. play putty C. teddy bear D. yo-yo

Lyrics Containing The Term: Dap / 2023


Das Leben ist schön

B.S.H. (Bass Sultan Hengzt)

beschissenen Band, die mir sagt, das alles gut wird Hör sie im Radio singen Das Leben ist so schön (da da dap dap da dap dap) (da da dap dap da dap dap) Jo

Land of the North


every single one of us are equal Bap bapidapi dap bapidapi Dap bapidapi dap bap Doobie doobie Badabapidapi dap bap bap bap Bap bap, doobie doobie doobie

Spider at Midnight

Fire Tiger

Ba da da ba Ba da da dap ba Bap ba da da ba Ba da da dap ba Ba ba dap ba dap ba dap ba dap ba doh Ba dap ba dap ba dap ba dap ba doh Spider

Never over (feat. Yu-an)

Milan band

Bap bap bap bap bap ba dap Bap bap bap ba da dap Bap bap bap ba dap Bap bap ba da I keep looking over the stars I'm here for you Bond written here


Kidz Bop Kids

Regenbogenfahnen Dap, da-da-dap, da-da-dap Da-da-da-da, dap, da-da-dap, da-da-dap Da-da-da-da, dap, da-da-dap, da-da-dap Da-da-da-da Da-da-da-da Er und er


Loud Luxury

like a gummy Ba dap dap ooh Ba dap dap ooh Life's not fair but it can be (ooh) Stretch around like a gummy Ba dap dap ooh Ba dap dap ooh Life's

Schlager schlägt zurück

Culcha Candela

Feel Erfolg


an, dieses aggressive Glück Schlager lauert wirklich überall und fängt das Schunkeln an Dann schunkel besser mit Everybody now Bap, ba-dap, ba-dap

Denk an dich




Ba-dap, ba-dap, ba-dap, ba-dap Ba-dap, ba-dap, denk' an dich Ba-dap, ba-dap, ba-dap, ba-dap Wo auch immer du gerade bist Zwischen Kaffeebechern und

Don’t Dap Me


with a bag on the Beretta so please Don't dap me up Don't dap me up Don't dap me up Don't dap me up We not cool lil fool so no Don't dap me up Until my

Found You Bae

Ngasii & ZenaniSings

Drive me crazy, I Don’t know what to do My, heart was breaking, Now No more waiting, ‘cause I’ve finally found you Ba-dap! Hey Ba-dap! Hey Ba-dap! Hey So

Honey Dew

Richard Mead, Darius Behdad

Drinking up that sweet, sweet honeydew Woah oh oh oh Ba dap ba ba ba da dap ba Now I can taste it Ba dap ba ba ba da dap ba My sweet honeydew Ba dap ba



I'm sure enough mindin mine Or you can be a critic I'm gettin better in time Said I keep the purell for fake daps for real Said I keep the purell for



Dap me up Fin on fin, no glove Dap me up If you from where I'm from Dap me up No elbow, fist bump Dap me up Dap me up Don't care bout no covid, don't

Épaule tattoo

Etienne Daho

The Best of Etienne


tempo possédée, sur la piste verglassée Da dap dap dap Par le tempo possédée, je l'ai vu danser Ce night à l'admission privée Entasse une foule

Grab Education

Steel Pulse

Earth Crisis


CHORUS Spa dap spap spa dap spa let me (scat) Spa dap spap spa dap spa Spa dap spap spa dap spa Let me tell You something As I was passing I heard


Gloria Trevi

Me Siento Tan Sola


Dap dara Darap dap dara Dap dara Darap dap dara Hay algunos que quieren Deshacerse de mi {Dap dara darap dap dara} Porque digo lo que ellos

Xe Đạp Teen

Trương Quỳnh Anh, Nguyễn Hoàng Nam

xe đạp teen nơi đã trao bao yêu thương Bao lời yêu ấm áp trong vòng quay chứng minh cho tình yêu chúng ta sẽ mãi mãi không phai I love you moa (I love

Siapa Yang Bap Bap

Zizi Kirana

Siapa yang dap dap zizi Siapa yang bab bab zizi Siapa yang rab rab zizi Siapa yang pap pap zizi Zizifellas siap siap mengundi mamapanda Undi zizi


Siti Sarah

one yang terang tersuluh Kau buat hatiku rasa seperti Dap dap dap Da da da Rasa seperti dap dap dap Da da da Semanis manis kata katamu Lagi manis when

The Grammarphobia Blog: Dapping In Vietnam / 2023

Q: I’m writing a piece about the origins of the fist bump in sports. The conventional wisdom is that it evolved from the dap, the elaborate greeting used by black soldiers during the Vietnam War. While doing research, I found an old story by Stewart Kellerman that may be the first written use of the term. Do you know of an earlier one?

A: As far as we can tell, the use of “dap” for the black power greeting in Vietnam did indeed show up in print for the first time in Stewart’s article, written when he was a war correspondent for United Press International. It appeared in the April 25, 1971, issue of the Pittsburgh Press and other newspapers.

In the article, “Soul Session in Vietnam,” which we’ve reproduced on our blog, Stewart writes of being invited to spend an evening with a group of militant black soldiers in an all-black hooch, or barracks. A cardboard sign taped to a wall read: “Off limits / No rabbits allowed / This area for blacks and blacks only.”

During a rap session, the GIs told Stewart that “dap” came from dep, Vietnamese for beautiful. As far as we know, that’s the earliest written indication of the term’s etymology, though a few other suggestions have appeared since then. Here’s an excerpt from the article in which both “dap” and “dapping” are used:

The blacks arrived in groups of two or three during the night. When each got there he went around the hooch doing the dap (from “dep,” the Vietnamese word for beautiful) with all the others. The intricate dap is made up of dozens of steps ranging from tapping fists to slapping chests.

Blacks say the dap is mainly used to say hello, show friendship and express brotherhood. However, some of the most commonly used gestures (the dap varies from region to region) are symbols for cutting the throats of MPs and shooting  them in the head.

Spec. 4 Gary Terrell, 23, of Birmingham, Ala., said his superiors have tried to get him to cut his hair, take off his power band and stop dapping with the brothers.

“I tell them no,” he said. “You ain’t gonna take my soul away from me, you dig. So what happens? I got every rotten job the rabbits can think of.”

The Oxford English Dictionary describes the usage as “U.S slang (originally and chiefly in African-American usage),” and defines it as a “special handshake, typically involving slapping palms, bumping fists, or snapping fingers; chiefly as a mass noun in some dap or to give (a person) dap. Also give (a person) daps.”

The OED, an etymological dictionary, says “dap” is of uncertain origin, but may have come from the noun “tap” or “perhaps (as suggested in Green’s Dictionary of Slang)” from the verb “dab” (to pat or tap).

The earliest Oxford citation for the term is from the publication of Stewart’s article in the May 15, 1971, issue of the Afro-American (Baltimore), a few weeks after it originally appeared: “Blacks say the dap is mainly used to say hello, show friendship and express brotherhood.”

Green’s Dictionary defines “dap” as an African-American noun or verb for “a ritualistic handshake, differing from area to area, involving much slapping of palms, snapping of fingers, etc.”

The American Heritage Historical Dictionary of American Slang defines the term as “any of various elaborate handshakes used esp. by young black men to express solidarity or enthusiasm.” It cites the same dictionary of black jargon mentioned in Green’s.

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Đề Thi Ioe Lớp 3 Vòng 1 Đến 35 / 2023

ĐỀ THI IOE TIẾNG ANH _LỚP 3_ VÒNG 1- 35Section 1: Cool Pair Matching_Match a picture or a Vietnamese word with its English equivalence.

Section 2:1. Alice ……. A cat.A. you B. he C. she D. has2. My ….. is Jenny.A. your B. name C. game D. name’s3. Bob:- Hello. My name is Bob. Mary:- …….., Bob.A. Nice to meet you B. See you laterC. Goodbye D. Good night4. I ….. AndyA. are B. am C. is D. you5. Stand ……, please.A. down B. up C. in D. on6. You …….. LongA. is B. be C. are D. am7. Goodbye ……..A. Nice to meet you. B. See you laterC. Goodmorning D. Goodevening8. …… to …… you, Nam.A. Nice – meet B. Fine – hiC. You – me D. He – she 9. Sit ……., please.A. down B. up C. in D. on10. ……… your name?A. What B. What’s C. How’s D. Why’sSection 3: Fill the blankFill in each blank with ONE word or ONE letter to make a complete sentence or a meaningful EI _ HTMy name _ _ PeterTAB _ ESCHOOL-B _ GTH _ EET _ ank you very muchHi, Alice. I _ _ TommyTEACH _ RHello, Mary. How _ _ _ you? Hi. How _ _ _ you?

LỚP 3 – VÒNG 2 – NĂM HỌC 2011 – 2012Section 1: Find the honey- Answer the question.

Section 1:The teacher is comingPut the words or letter in the right order to make a complete sentence or a complete words1. 7. 8. 9. 10. Section 3: Smart monkey Please help the monkey hang the signs under the right boxes from 1 to 10

LỚP 3 – VÒNG 3 – NĂM HỌC 2011 – 2012Section 1: Cool Pair MatchingMatch a picture or a Vietnamese word with its English equivalence.

Section 2: Fill the blankFill in each blank with ONE word or ONE letter to make a complete sentence or a meaningful Wh _ t is this?Lis _ en to me, please.Let’s sing a s _ ng.St _ nd up! 5. See _ _ _ againBye. See you late _.Is this a penc _ l?This is _ doll._ ice to meet you. No, it is n _ t.

Section 3:Safe Driving1 2

3 4

LỚP 3 – VÒNG 4 – NĂM HỌC 2011 – 2012Section 1: Defeath the Goal KeeperQuestion 1:

Question 2:

Question 3:

Question 4:

Question 5:

Question 6:

Question 7:

Question 8:

Question 9:

Question 10:

Section 2: Find the honey