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Đề Xuất 6/2023 # Tham Khảo Chữa Đề Writing Ielts Task 2 Ngày 21/11/2020 # Top 8 Like

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Hôm nay HA CENTRE gửi đến các bạn bài mẫu IELTS Writing task 2 – đề thi ngày 21/11/2020. Bài mẫu, từ vựng mới mang tính chất tham khảo, không chấm điểm. Mọi người có thể follow chúng mình trên các kênh Facebook, Instagram để cập nhật thông tin nhanh nhất.

IELTS Writing task 2

Ngày 21/11/2020

Đề bài: Government should make laws about people’s nutrition and food choice. Others argue that is their choice. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It is apparent that nutrition has a significant impact on humans’ health. Therefore, while some argue that people should have the right and individual responsibility to opt for their food, I am of the opinion that laws related to citizens’ nutrition and food selection should be enforced by national officials.

On the one hand, it is believed that taking daily food is a matter of personal choice Firstly, it is irrefutable that favourite taste is the main reason affecting which food a person chooses to consume. In addition, for food lovers, scrumptious eatables enable them to calm down and relieve stress, which may lead to their uncomfortable and squeezed feelings when being under control by food laws. Secondly, people now have access to various ways of keeping fit and healthy, thus raising their awareness of adopting a favourable lifestyle. Several typical examples would be taking detox drinks and doing yoga as well as regular exercise which assist people, especially junk food consumers, in body balance and weight loss. 

On the other hand, I am in favour of the idea that laws about food and nutrition should be applied for the following justifications. To begin with, this application can bring a wide range of long-term benefits for citizens’ health and extend their longevity. Undoubtedly, these rules and regulations will push people to choose nutritious and clean food so that a number of fatal diseases relating to diabetes and obesity can be avoided. Another main rationale is to reduce pressure and financial burden for national budget and economy. Apparently, less spending on nutritious problems and disease treatments will save a great deal of government’s money and energy that can be devoted to the development of other important sectors such as education and finance.

In conclusion, although citizens should have the freedom to choose a favourite food, it seems to me that national officials need to take timely steps with effective laws to boost people towards a healthier lifestyle.

Word count: 324

has a significant impact on: Có ảnh hưởng lớn đến

opt for: Lựa chọn

enforced: Ép buộc

national officials: Quan chức quốc gia

personal choice: Lựa chọn cá nhân

scrumptious: Ngon miệng

eatables: Đồ ăn

relieve stress: Giải tỏa stress

squeezed: Bóp nghẹt

being under control by: Chịu sự kiểm soát của

raising their awareness of: Nâng cao ý thức

assist: Giúp đỡ

body balance: Cân bằng cơ thể

weight loss: Giảm cân

long-term benefits: Lợi ích lâu dài

extend their longevity: Tăng tuổi thọ

fatal diseases: Bệnh hiểm nghèo

diabetes: Bệnh tiểu đường

obesity: Béo phì

reduce pressure and financial burden: Giảm thiểu áp lực và gánh nặng tài chính

national budget: ngân sách quốc gia

nutritious problems: Các vấn đề về dinh dưỡng

devoted: Cống hiến

timely steps: Các giải pháp kịp thời

boost: Thúc đẩy

Chữa Đề Ielts Writing Task 2 Ngày 09/01/2021

Hôm nay HA CENTRE gửi đến các bạn bài mẫu IELTS Writing task 2, đề thi ngày 09/01/2021. Bài mẫu mang tính chất tham khảo, không chấm điểm. Mọi người có thể follow chúng mình trên các kênh Facebook, Instagram để cập nhật thông tin nhanh nhất. 

IELTS Writing task 2 Ngày 09/1/2021

Đề bài: Topic: Some people think that hosting international sports events is good for the country, while some people think it is bad. Discuss both views and state your opinion. 

However, I am against the idea of organising big sport venues for two main reasons, one of which concerns social stability. As supporters from all corners of the globe gather in one place, discrepancies in beliefs and religions are inevitable. As a result, cultural conflicts are likely to occur, which may foment social unrest in the host country, at least for a temporary period of time. Additionally, riots amongst the general population may also be triggered. Take Brazil as an evident example. As this nation is constantly plagued by poverty, low literacy rate and unemployment, it is comprehensible for local residents to expect the government to prioritize these issues instead of paying attention to arrange sporting events. Apparently, instability in society is an acute problem facing the country when it comes to organising international competitions. Another significant point endorsing the view is the damages caused to the indigenous environment. In order to meet the requirements of the tournaments, new facilities such as stadiums need to be constructed, which undoubtedly requires plentiful space. Accordingly, several public areas or even forests are demolished to give way to the construction and this activity is widely considered a major source of pollution, responsible for particulate emissions as well as causing air, water and noise pollution.

(*)Some people may argue that the new facilities being built to serve the events will eventually return to benefit that country’s citizens. Nevertheless, as these infrastructures are constructed based on international standards, the entrance fee will probably be unaffordable for the majority of native inhabitants, especially in some developing countries such as Brazil. Consequently, those facilities will become not only superfluous but also expensive to maintain and upgrade.

To recapitulate, social chaos and environmental destruction are the two major menaces posed to the host country, which, I believe, overshadow any benefits. Hopefully, the government should take everything into careful consideration before applying to organise international sports tournaments. 

(*) This paragraph is optional.


a great fervour for sth: sự hào hứng (đối với cái gì)

hospitality industry: ngành Du lịch – Nhà hàng – Khách sạn

cater for sth: phục vụ cho (cái gì)

an influx of tourists (into a place): dòng khách du lịch đi vào (một địa điểm)

discrepancies in beliefs and religions: sự khác biệt trong niềm tin và tôn giáo

cultural conflicts: xung đột văn hóa

Foment (v) (C2): thúc đẩy, gây nên (thường là một vấn đề gì đó xấu, tiêu cực)

social unrest: bất ổn xã hội

Indigenous (a): bản địa

Superfluous (a): thừa thãi

Menace (n) (C1): mối đe dọa (=threat) 

Overshadow (v) (C1): làm lu mờ

Giải Đề Thi Thật Writing Task 2 Ngày 28/11/2020

Đề bài: The government should make laws about people’s nutrition and food choice. Others argue that is their choice. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Bài mẫu:

As living standards rise, a lifestyle-related issue has stood out as a bone of contention: whether nutrition and food should be subject to governmental laws or personal choices only. This essay will first elaborate on both sides of the matter before I give my final verdict on it.

According to proponents of governmental legislations, food regulations from the authority can act as an effective guideline towards a universal healthy lifestyle for its citizens. Having an expert team in nutrition and food, the government can easily devise a comprehensive set of diet rules that clearly specify the necessary nutrients and ingredients required for divergent age brackets and purposes. The health benefit of governmental food laws also lies in the constraint of dangerous illnesses, many of which stem from inappropriate food consumption such as liver failure and digestive disorders. To exemplify, in Vietnam, as the government always yearns to improve the population’s average height, it can enforce laws requiring children and their parents to eat height-boosting foods and drinks in daily meals so that in the future, inferiority complex about height is no longer the case for Vietnamese citizens.

All things considered, although the government’s food and nutrition regulations may lead to a brighter health scenario for all citizens, it acutely infringes one’s freedom of choice and potentially evokes undesirable attitudes among different people with different nutritional wants and needs. Therefore, I would reiterate that food should only be a matter of personal choice. The extent of governmental intervention should be confined to the role of just a credible nutritional consultant for the public.  

– 414 words, written by Mentor from IPP ACA Team - 

Từ vựng và collocations hay đã dùng:

– a bone of contention (n): một vấn đề gây tranh cãi

– subject to (adj): phụ thuộc vào

– give one’s final verdict on: đưa ra ý kiến cuối cùng

– devise (v): nghĩ ra, soạn ra

– age bracket (n): nhóm tuổi

– digestive disorder (n): rối loạn tiêu hoá

– height-boosting (adj): có tác dụng tăng chiều cao

– inferiority complex (n): cảm xúc tự ti

– judicious (adj): phù hợp

– through scientific spectacles: từ lăng kính, góc nhìn khoa học

– intake (n): sự nạp vào, sự tiêu thụ vào

– resentful mentality (n): tâm lí bực bội

– take a liking to: thích cái gì

– nutritional consultant (n): người tư vấn dinh dưỡng  

?? Chữa Đề Ielts Writing Sáng Ngày 19/12/2020

02:38:39 25-12-2020

 In some countries, only few young people go to classical music concerts or play classical music. Why? Should young people be encouraged to attend and learn more?

Sau đây là dàn ý chi tiết đề thi này của HOLA Academy:


 I. Introduction: – Paraphrase lại đề bài: The number of young people interested in classical music has steadily decreased in many countries.

– Topic sentence: In my opinion, more and more youths should be encouraged to participate in classical performance for it benefits both the general music industry and the individual (có lợi cho cả ngành công nghiệm âm nhạc lẫn cá nhân).

 II. Body:  1. Paragraph 1: The promotion (sự quảng bá) of classical genres would not only retain a valuable source of income (giữ một nguồn thu nhập quý giá) for the music industry but also help preserve traditional musical practices (giúp bảo toàn các truyền thống âm nhạc).

 Classical music has long been a healthy revenue source (nguồn tiền ổn định) for the music industry. Classical concerts require an enormous number of instrument players varying from cello players to classical pianists, thus creating numerous jobs within the industry. Moreover, classical music instruments generally have a high margin of profits (có lãi cao) for their sellers.

 From an artistic point of view (nhìn theo quan điểm nghệ thuật), classical music is the home to time-honored (lâu đời) music instruments and practices which are no longer incorporated into (được lồng ghép vào) many modern musical genres, namely the harpsichord, cello, etc. It is our responsibility to preserve these artistic branchilds (thành phẩm nghệ thuật) for our future generations.

 2. Paragraph 2: The listening and learning of classical music would also do wonders for (có lợi cho) the brain and health of young people.

 Many years of scientific research has shown that simply by listening to classical tunes, one could decrease blood pressure, release pain and fall asleep easier. This calming effect is attributed to (được cho là kết quả của) the harmonious nature (giai điệu du dương) of these classical pieces.

 Other research results demonstrate how enjoying and learning classical music could sharpen the listener’s brain (khiến não bộ sắc sảo hơn). For instance, students often listen to classical music while studying to boost concentration and productivity (tăng khả năng tập trung và năng suất). The education of classical music itself is notoriously difficult (nổi tiếng khó) and requires great intellect (cần trí tuệ tốt) from the learner.

 III. Conclusion – Restate your points – Consideration: Ultimately, it is up to us to fully utilize the benefits of classical music for younger generations.

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